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THIS IS THIRD WORLD... [entries|friends|calendar]
just another unearthly poison...

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[Sunday 6:48PM @ 04/13/08]
ur dum.

oh hey [Friday 11:28PM @ 12/28/07]
this year sucked, except for a few things...
but mostly fuck you.

[Thursday 8:03PM @ 07/05/07]
they're filming the new halloween movie acorss the street from where i work.
i didn't know rob zombie was doing it till i was on my way home.

tomorrow i'm gonna go stalk him.
=o )

my GOD my GUN my BBQ~~~~`` [Monday 10:52PM @ 07/02/07]
i'm donating blood tomorrow for the first time ever.
i'm shitting it.
but i get extra credit and a VIP pass to warped tour (which i won't use).


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